As for my family, the greatest movie of this season is inevitably Frozen, I simply can’t leave it out from my blog. So, watch the First Meeting with Olaf scene and do the quiz. Have fun! 🙂


1. What’s the weather like in the film?
a. sunny and warm
b. snowy and cold
c. windy and rainy
2. What kind of pet has Kristoff got?
a. a reindeer
b. a horse
c. a polar bear
3. Who is Olaf?
a. a snowboard
b. a snow angel
c. a snowman
4. What colour doesn’t go with snow (according to Olaf)?
a. red
b. blue
c. yellow
5. What does Princess Anna do with Olaf when she sees him?
a. She kisses his head.
b. She kicks off his head.
c. She pets his head.
6. What season does Olaf love?
a. spring
b. summer
c. winter
If you’d like to do some crafts work, here’s a Frozen inspired game for you:

Tic Tac Snow
All the best,
Miss Natalia

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