Storytelling: Little Red Riding Hood

Storytelling is an excellent motivation method. There are many reasons for saying this as it encourages imagination, offers children a pleasant way for dealing with their inner conflicts, enables identification with the characters in the stories, gives a sense of context, offers children a natural language rhythm, encourages development of the 4 core language skills as well as providing an opportunity for social and emotional development. Children have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. As Andrew Wright says : “We all need stories for our minds as much as we need food for our bodies: we watch television, go to the cinema, theatre, read books, and exchange stories with our friends. Stories are particularly important in the lives of our children: stories help children to understand their world and to share it with others.” 

Here’s a simple version of Little Red Riding Hood from British Council that you can perform with your kids: Little Red Riding Hood Play Script

You can watch a video how we play it with my daughter.

Little Red Riding Hood