Speak Now: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Narnia is an enchanting story, one of my favouries from my childhood. I couldn’t wait more to show The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to my daughter. I skip the bombing scene and start with the children arriving to the professor’s house. Here’s an example how we talk about the story while we’re watching it:


  • Look, the children are playing hide and seek. Who’s counting?
  • Peter. Suzan, Edmund and Lucy are hiding.
  • Suzan is hiding in a chest. Edmund is hiding behind a curtain. What about Lucy?
  • 3
  • She is going to a room.
  • Look! What is it? What is there under the sheet?
  • 7
  • It’s a wardrobe.
  • Lucy is hiding in the wardrobe. Look,there are fur coats. More fur coats and then..
  • 1
  • Snow and trees!
  • Yes, it is snowing! It’s beautiful!
  • And look, a lamp post.
  • 11
  • Someone’s coming. Who is it? They are both scared. Look. He’s got goat’s legs and a human body. It’s a faun.
  • He is Mr Tumnus.
  • 5
  • He asks: Are you a dwarf?
  • No, she’s a girl.
  • Are you from Narnia?
  • No. From England.
  • He invites her to his cave. For tea.
  • Mr Tumnus plays a lullaby. It’s beautiful music.
  • 4
  • Look at the fire. It’s magic.
  • 6
  • There are horses and dancers and… Aslan.
  • He’s angry.
  • Yes, he is very angry with Mr Tumnus.
  • But why?
  • Because he wants to take Lucy to the Witch.

I could continue this conversation, but I think it’s already given you an insight how we practise English while watching the film. I deliberately didn’t mark which part is said by my daughter because as she gets more familiar with the story and language, she will lead the conversation.



As for my family, the greatest movie of this season is inevitably Frozen, I simply can’t leave it out from my blog. So, watch the First Meeting with Olaf scene and do the quiz. Have fun! 🙂



1. What’s the weather like in the film?
a. sunny and warm
b. snowy and cold
c. windy and rainy
2. What kind of pet has Kristoff got?
a. a reindeer
b. a horse
c. a polar bear
3. Who is Olaf?
a. a snowboard
b. a snow angel
c. a snowman
4. What colour doesn’t go with snow (according to Olaf)?
a. red
b. blue
c. yellow
5. What does Princess Anna do with Olaf when she sees him?
a. She kisses his head.
b. She kicks off his head.
c. She pets his head.
6. What season does Olaf love?
a. spring
b. summer
c. winter
If you’d like to do some crafts work, here’s a Frozen inspired game for you:

Tic Tac Snow
All the best,
Miss Natalia